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Top 10 ways to find THE PERFECT Barber for YOU!

If your current barber knows you need to find a new barber, they may know someone in your new neighborhood who can help you find a new shop.

1.Search for barbershops with a lot of reviews. Positive reviews will give you a better idea of what to expect.

2.Pay attention to what people are saying about the barbershop. Pay attention to the positive and negative reviews.

3.Add barbershops to your social media pages to make friends and learn about the different shops in your area. You may choose a place based on the pictures they post.

4.When you see someone with great hair, ask them where they get their hair done, and then ask a friend in your area to get a recommendation.

Barbers who make their barbershop a place of business will have set hours, proper facilities, and equipment.

A great barber has the skills and attention to detail to do the job well.

Barbers must go through roughly 1,500 hours of training at a barber school.

Good customer service starts when you make an appointment, and the barbershop is ready when you arrive for your appointment.

5.People who don't know much about hair may end up with a hairstyle they didn't expectSo its important that you have some idea of the haircut that you would like so you barber could give you a high quality haircut! Pictures can be a great help!`.

The fade is a popular hairstyle for men where the hair gets shorter from the hairline to the temple.

If a fade isn't your thing, consider a buzz cut, crew cut, or Ivy League haircut.

6.Barbershops are a great place to meet cool guys and hang out. However, if you want to avoid being involved in unsavory behavior, look for barbershops that have a positive reputation in the community.

7.If you want to find the best barbershop in town, see who appears to have the most people.Or even try a google search for example "Best Barbershop in Brandon" and see who pops up,check out the google reviews and lock in with that barbershop.

8.A great barber may not always be convenient he/ she may have a fuller schedule than a newer barber, please be patient with them and see if you can book an appointment.

Some barbers make house calls and offer services after normal working hours. This usually is offered at a higher price

Make an appointment with a barber in your area who offers the services you need at a convenient time for you and try them out.

Finding a good barber is a major relief for men who care about their hair, but they need to learn some styling tips.

9.Finding not just a good haircutter but a good barber is essential to you image long term as an diverse and well trained barber will be able to give you different hairstyles and high quality fades as the years move on.

10. If you are looking for a professional barber that can produce a high quality haircut that is custom tailored to your life style and face shape, in the Tampa Bay, Brandon, Riverview area in Florida, Book an appointment with Jordian Tampa Bay Barber and see what he can do for you.

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