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The PERFECT Haircut for MUSHROOM HAIR Guaranteed | Jordian Tampa Bay Barber

Hello guys! Thank you guys checking out this blog my name is Jordian the Tampa Bay Barber, I work out of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon. I’m a professional barber that strives to give a high quality haircut to every client that sit in my chair! This blog is a transcript of the video I posted to my YouTube channel. (link). Feel free to check it out!

This is Thomas now Thomas here I’ve been cutting Thomas for a while now right I’m excited to show you Thomas I’m pretty sure you could tell why already because Thomas has a problem now as you can see. Thomas hair is so straight and so close that is like it forces his head shape to look like a whole mushroom for Mario but don't worry we're going to fix this. I’m not going to let my mans walk out looking like this. we're going to take care of Thomas’s problem because it's a pretty common one and it's about the shape of his head we need to compress it we need to make it look good right but with the straightness and the coordinate coarseness of his hair we needed to look uniformly. we needed to look clean and we needed to kind of like hug the shape of this head if it makes sense so that's why we're going to do the. Four guard on top all right now in our consultation he wanted it really really really close to the head. um but he wanted it to uh how do you say be like really uniform in the cut he didn't want pieces sticking out and to do finger length on a cut like this like finger length with the shears. it's just it's just no going all right and now we're going to do the high skin fit as you can see I kind of made my first line I’m balding it out with my trimmers and my shaver so we can get it really really close really like that baby but smooth smoothness so this cut can last as long as possible for my guy. all right now we're going to go with the lever open now we're just going and now we're just doing our fade we're trying to get a really nice high quality fade. on this we wanted to pop we wanted to have really nice contrast and really we needed to be really really close on this kind of top section of his head so that the cut can last very long. and so that those sides that were so come on like stuck out can really like compress in all right now. I’m going to do this fade in sections so that I can start in one section at a time now this problem is actually super common for people that have that guy really straight corsair. it can really just kind of stick out like you'll see this on some Asian on some Asian haircuts you'll see this just you know on that really like coarse straight hair that just kind of stick out even like some of my Latino clients they have a lot too it's less about the race more about it just being like that really uh straight kind of like stick out stacking kind of on top of each other type of hair

Now we're just going you know through my normal fade system that I do with all of my clients right and I think something that I really want to share with y'all in this video was that the consultation man the consultation was so important and kind of like pinpointing what exact haircut we were going to do for my guy Thomas here alright now he wanted something very um very short you know very close something he didn't want to style so I already know that you know the length is going to be super short but the real question was where we going to go finger length with the shears or go with the gourd and honestly I’ve tried it before to cut the top or shears finger length it's just it just takes so long but because he wants it so short that it just makes so much more sense to just take a four guard with her clippers and just give that a really nice uniform cut and when it came to the sides we knew how much you know the hair stuck out on the sides so I knew that we had to do a high fade and just for the cut to last him as much as possible he was cool with going like to the baby butt to the skin can't go quite short than this unless you're literally about to take off the skin I guess as you can see I’m on the back section here I’m just trying to time both of those back sections.

And I think it's super important here too that when you're trying to um establish you know a premium clientele or even just when you're trying to give a premium haircut you know a premium haircut premium service to your clients I think it's super important that you take the time during that consultation and you really try to give them a customized like real tailored high quality haircut and the re you don't want to the reason why this matters so much to me is that I don't want a cookie cutter clientele I don't want to give cookie cutter haircuts I want everything to be tailored to my clients specific needs and wants you know because at the end of the day these haircuts are giving a different level of confidence to my clients now right here you can just see me doing a little bit of detail work which is absolutely necessary like the detail work takes us to another level as you can see.

I’m kind of like um scissoring the fringe up because that floor leaves the friends like really choppy and this is just a little premium touch um that I like to do whenever I do Thomas the haircut is to kind of kind of conceal the hairline he doesn't want a really sharp defined line but at the same time he doesn't want it like just sprouting out so that's a really nice touch that you can get on your haircut it's just to kind of maintain and kind of control that front hairline to give it like that you know natural look but also um you know it's tidied up its kept it's not just you know grown out

Thank you guys checking out this blog my name is Jordian the Tampa Bay Barber, I work out of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon. I’m a professional barber that strives to give a high quality haircut to every client that sit in my chair!

you will see the faith is coming together the fate is coming together fate has came together on both sides we're getting some shots right and coming through this process honestly I’m seeing spots that I can work on better these are just kind of giving you the barber's eye and the barbers look as you can see now we're starting to get to the end of the haircut we've done the high fade we've done the fall on top we've kind of we've tailored him but see this this is why we couldn't do shears this is so important you need this affects the head shape as well so we're going to go in and we're going to tame this spot this is something that I saw that I thought was super important on a haircut like this is you have to look at the shape all right because this would stick out and it absolutely it draws so much attention away from the haircut which is not good

has gone down a significant amount I’m going to continue to kind of work that spot this is what I’m talking about with this hair texture that it can be so difficult if you're not paying attention you have to pay attention but man did that come together that all of this came in that's this is another technique as well you can now let me show you what Thomas was looking like before he was looking like the mushroom from Mario but check this one out boom see how much of a change that has made to his overall look and demeanor like look at this this end is looking like the best version of him this haircut feels right it feels right why I don't know you spent the right time

I appreciate you man thank you guys so much for tuning into that video um these videos are going to or you know they're going to get better and better and better with time any kind of uh comments or criticism that you want to give throw in the comment section below but I had a fun time man I really have to have a fun time I just went to the CT Barber Expo and to me and to talk to you some of my guys was amazing but we're going to become people these videos out I’m definitely going to be working on doing a different style of video I don't want to just do these haircut tutorials even though that these haircut throws will get better and they'll get more and more valuable I’m going to throw as many gems in each of these videos as I can um and thank you all for watching the video man like comment share subscribe all that stuff um this channel is going to be a beautiful thing can't wait to see all y'all at some type of event and meet you and talk to y'all in the comment section um take it easy guys all right. Thank you, guys, checking out this video it has been Jordian the Tampa Bay Barber, I work out of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon. I’m a professional barber that strives to give a high-quality haircut to every client that sit in my chair!

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