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How to get JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ‘s Haircut |Haircut Tutorial| Jordian Tampa Bay Barber

Hello guys! Thank you guys checking out this blog my name is Jordian the Tampa Bay Barber, I work out of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon. I’m a professional barber that strives to give a high quality haircut to every client that sit in my chair! This blog is a transcript of the video I posted to my YouTube channel. (link). Feel free to check it out!

Hey, what's up, guys it's Jordian Perez,, the Tampa Bay barber, and we're going to get straight into this haircut tutorial. So right now, we got my guy Anthony in the chair. Anthony’s going to have like a pretty short it's going to be like a pushback comb-over type of vibe. He's going to have a natural part we're going to do the two you heard bring it up and uh and what we're going to do differently that I haven't done with him before is we're going to taper out the sideburns in the back area.= the reason why I strictly for a grade is right now we're going to get into cutting the top first right now, we're doing block graduation on the side. To establish that nice a nice side part that he wants for this haircut and it doesn't have to be a tricky part it could be like a soft part. As well and that's what we're doing right now right now, we're just cutting the sides so that the sides can blend seamlessly um into that kind of side area of the hair. We're kind of connecting the top into the sides through this area right here just doing this scissor technique that I really love to do on the majority of my scissor cuts it just keeps me you know super consistent then right here.

We're just going to go straight into cutting the top and I’m showing you the length I’m showing you that guide how that guide from doing that block graduation on the side. how it just carries over so seamlessly and it tells me exactly the length that I have to cut the hair to on top like whenever you're trying to give out these high quality haircuts you know a system you need a system and you need a system that you can repeat you know so you can focus energy on what you really need to focus on and that is detailing and it's very important that you see that I’m bringing up my fingers squared and you're going to see how what that does for the haircut is that it's going to give a really nice square shape to the whole haircut now here we're just kind of re-wetting the hair as you might need to make sure the hair is well saturated while I’m cutting it now as I’m cutting the top I’ll make sure everything's even I might do a little bit of cross-checking as well but oh and then you'll see right here .

I’m actually connecting um the kind of flow area a little bit into that side you'll kind of see that I have a guide on one side of my fingers and I got it from the other side and I’m literally just connecting it bringing my hands out you know vertically if that makes sense just to have a really nice flow and sweep you know with this haircut um the texture matters a lot the flow matter matters a lot and the fact that you don't want any hair sticking up you know that matters a lot as well you know I feel like there's a lot of characteristics of haircuts that can really set it apart and do you see that flow how it's coming together yeah right now we're just working on that back section and man I’m super excited for this haircut man these haircuts I have so much fun on because it's not about the fade it's not about the blend it's just about you know the sheer techniques and the flow and making sure everything sits right and another thing that he told me and I’ll tell you real quick as I’m just kind of cross-checking the top cut is that this area right here was actually bothering him as it got longer as it starts to cur as it starts to you know kind of grow out it will start to curl so I’ll make sure I take the area a little bit shorter right here I’m actually doing this technique I’ve never seen anybody do it do it but it helps to kind of thin out the hair sometimes when your hair is way too thick it could be very hard to style it could be um especially you know as it goes out so right here you can just kind of thin out the hair a little bit um and you're going to see how the styles have come together seamlessly you know right now we've cut the top we blended it into the sides our whole top section inside section of the blend is all the way done now we're just going to dry.

I’m not really trying to styles here right now I’m just trying to get it into place so that I can continue the rest of the haircut you know so this um this drawing it really doesn't matter as much I’m just kind of seeing how the hair is going to react but do you see that square kind of how it looks very flat and consistent on the top

I wouldn't say flat let's just say it's consistently cut you know through the top through the back it looks very consistently cut and that matters a lot because head shape matters a lot as well so even though his head shape is round with all of our head shapes are it looks very consistent and it's very complementary to his actual you know like skull to his bone structure now. right now we're taking the three. we're going to start with the three just to connect it but you see how easy it is for me to connect that three into the top of the hair and how it's literally taking me like no effort at all and how that blend is going to be literally perfect now even on this kind of side part section I did. go in part of the hair you can see how just nicely all the hair is sitting and the reason why it's sitting so nice is because we cut the hair one where they want it to lay something that I notice a lot. when people are coming in it's their first time is that the hair isn't being cut where it's supposed to lay knowing what hair is meant to be on the sides and knowing what hair is meant to be on the top. like that's going to dictate so much of a haircut and that's so important that's why it's so important as barbers that we educate ourselves and as clients that you make sure that your barber is educating him or herself. They know what's going on I know what's happening right now.he actually wanted to on the side so right now we're actually doing that too we're going to bring it up into three.

We're just making sure everything's very consistent and very level and you could see how quick I could make this haircut sit just so nicely so effort so effortlessly like. I’m just so excited for this haircut to come together and right here you can see that the gradients the shade even though I passed the number two on both of those areas the shade is different that's kind of like what I was telling them in the beginning consultation that if we can taper out these areas the gradients and the shade of the hair is just going to be like amazing.I’m going to go a little bit over the ear and I’m going to go mainly in this kind of sideburn area and you're going to see how look how it's starting to look like the same kind of uh like the same shade or the same guard when you're doing a phase like this with the number one or the number two like the most important thing is the gradient not the length of the hair for me personally like as a barber if the length of if there's a two on the side and there's a two on the sideburn but it doesn't look like there's a two on both of them I need to make it look like that way so

I got to be able to kind of know how to play with my other guards and other lengths so that when the client looks in the mirror he knows he thinks it's the same length does that make sense the shade the shade of the air matters a lot and now we're just going to clean up the sideburn area this is like an amazing part of the haircut because you're putting the picture into a frame we're putting a level of crispiness now this haircut overall is very soft and it's very natural but when you're able to kind of line things up and just keep it natural but very clean you're going to you're going to be able to take this haircut to a whole different level because it's going to have a crispness a crispiness you know to the haircut we all like that soft you know moist tender juicy chicken but that crispy crunch you know it just was going to differentiate it from any other chicken out there so that's exactly how I feel about you know these lineups is that I want to keep it natural I don't want to you know excessively put push anybody back but I do want to professionally tailor this lineup to you know to my client every client is going to have a different lineup and it's going to be tailored to them specifically you know for him he has a lot of hair to play with I don't have to really do much too much finessing it's really about just cutting the hair off in the right area and honestly the better I get I cut it here

I noticed that sometimes you don't got to take off the most hair it's more about taking off the hair in the right areas you know and the headlines barber shop this is how we do it we do it different you know um I’m Jordian I’m out of Tampa bay and um and you know I love what I do and I’m passionate

I’m just making these videos to help my clients get more out of their haircut experience possibly give you know some haircut inspiration and you know if some barbers want to watch maybe they can pick up a thing or two you know and put it to their arsenal but I really want to just show you guys you know what type of haircuts that you guys could be asking for your barber or you know haircuts that you can deliver your clients that's a technique I picked up from Dave where you kind of hold the trimmer up in front of somebody's face and you match the two uh two points of the c cup so that you can put a symmetrical c cup you know symmetry shape ingredients like this is really an art guys like y'all got to realize hair cutting is really an art and you have to be able to know what you're doing so that you can push the needle for your clients and take them to that next level to the next step right now you know I did one top one thing to the other one thing to the back and we're just bringing everything you know together on this haircut you know we're making everything super symmetrical we're making everything fit his head super nicely you know and a headline barbershop Brandon we're doing a different you know it's a barber shop and Brandon here we got me and we got you know some other great barbers putting on some high quality haircuts in the brand in the Tampa bay area don't be scared to check us out right now I’m redoing this part and you can see how natural that's that part is sitting how I’m literally not even having to force the hair to go anywhere it doesn't want to go right now I’m just using a little bit of my blending sheers

I’ll use some scissors or comb right and that's what we're doing we're trying to just make this haircut have a very soft you know natural kind of flow finish I don't want this to look super choppy but you can see right now like I’m doing the thinning shares but it's really not even super necessary and that's really you know when you can when you know what to detail and how to detail that's really where I feel like the cut just goes to a whole different level you can see right here yeah keeping that shear of a comb super consistent super clean with it now I’m actually going to go even though this is a soft haircut you know I’m trying to add you know a little bit of spice a little bit of flair to this so I’m going to put the razor around the edges just to add a little bit of pop a little bit of pop a little bit of extra crisp you know we're going to do that on both sides and you just man I just keep on looking at how nice that top is looking and it's not even styled yet how naturally how naturally it's sitting how nothing is sticking out crazy everything is just sitting in its proper place like that is just awesome that is so awesome now something that is super important when you try to give you know an awesome service to your clients when you're trying to just be in your bag and just do different and um really stand out to your clients and we're trying to get high quality service out here in Brandon Tampa bay so you know I’m going to ask my client how are you feeling about your haircut before putting in product you know he needs to sign off he needs to coastline on this joker like he needs to tell me that he likes it without product and he said lines without product so that with product we already know it's going to look better you know having the haircut look nice without product it's super important cleaning up these ear hairs is super important you know we're talking about detail that's what we're talking about so I’m going to actually ask him how he likes it without any product and then I’ll go and throw some product in there but the haircut needs to sit nice without any extra product is there to enhance the haircut not to make the haircut you want to kind of filter it before I throw a product in it do you want to kind of fill through your hair and check it out a little bit look good yeah all right we're going to throw boom you can see right there he signed off he said it looks good without product that's super important but right here right here we're going to style the hair the hair is a little bit damp I’m going to break this product down honestly this fall makes one of my favorite pomades it doesn't I don't it's not super hard to kind of multiply it into your hands and to get into the hair you know something I love about it but phase one is really just getting the product into the hair is a little bit damp it's going to help the product mix a little bit and

I’m just trying to you know fully kind of saturate that hair follicle with the product I’m not trying to you know just put it on the top it needs to get every single where to get that really nice style that really nice hold now I can go and I can kind of blow dry it into place I can add a little bit of lift and volume where I need it but honestly you know this cut is just sitting so awesome it's sitting so nice and so smooth and just the foundation of a great style is not a great product the foundation of a great style is a great cut if the hair is cut right and it's sitting where it needs to get cut the style is going to come out easy look how easy look how easy this is like anybody can do this you could do this with your hands you know like I’m not having to pull out no crazy techniques having to put a no crazy volume I’m just having to kind of work with the hair and just push it where I want it to go but you know the hair is working with me because it was cut right you know it's sitting down and that's just really the foundation but look at this cup man it's coming off so awesome I’m glad we were able to do this let's see what my client thinks how are we looking looks good has nice flow in there you can see you can see this is a little bit tighter just so it can last you a little bit longer when you go into those weeks and then it was good though and I what I kind of noticed is that in your sideburn areas it was a little bit thicker the hair so when you kind of taper it out you can kind of see how that hair matches this hair versus when I kind of passed it too I saw that here was a little dark bam look at that man look at the gradients how the sideburn matches the rest of the head look at the flow man look at the cut look at the balance look at the look at the texture like this is just this is so crazy this is such a nice haircut like I’m so glad it came together guys don't forget to check us out headlines barbershop Brandon in Brandon Florida Jordian the Tampa bay barber I’m trying to make these videos just super awesome for you guys thanks for checking it out and I’ll see you on the next video

Thank you, guys, checking out this blog it has been Jordian the Tampa Bay Barber, I work out of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon. I’m a professional barber that strives to give a high-quality haircut to every client that sit in my chair!

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