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HOW TO find the PERFECT BARBER for you! (3 TIPS)

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

So you want to find the perfect barber for you that's what I heard you are on a search, you're on a conquest you are tired of looking fugly or you're moving to a new place and you do not have your barber this is gonna be the barber's guide to find the perfect barber for you all right I'm gonna head in right now we're gonna get this blog started

I'm gonna give you maybe three to five tips right I haven't decided yet I'm gonna give you onebonus at the end to help you find the perfect barber for you for you

So the first thing that you're going to do is you're going to ask for a recommendation all right so you're going to ask for for a recommendation either from your past barber so that only really works if you're moving all right if you're not moving I wouldn't trust from it and this is the case that you're moving like state to state or city to city ask your current barber for a good recommendation all right we us barbers we kind of know other barbers in the area you know we we know who's nice we know who's who's winning who's doing a good job all right, and if your barber's not a scumbag he wouldn't mind recommending you to another good barber you know what I mean

Another thing that you can do is ask a family or a friend that has a great you know relationship with their barber to recommend you their barber and see if you don't if you can get an appointment with him or her you know and see if that might be a good fit for you

You could always just find somebody that has really a really really really nice haircut out in the public and you can ask them to put you onto their barber all right we're going word of mouth even in a digital age word of mouth and recommendations still work all right so those are a couple ways to find it and that is through getting a recommendation


That dude has a nice haircut I'm gonna ask him where he gets his hair cut at.

Me: Hey man what's up what's going on I just saw you from over there. I'm new in the area, and I am looking for a new barber. Who cuts your hair?

Him: Jordian Perez he works right here at Headlines Barbershop Brandon right here yeah right here could he could get you right definitely, he'll take care of you man. He does best quality fades in the Tampa Bay Area

The next tip to help you find the perfect barber for you is going to be to look at online reviews and to check their portfolio before you sit in their chair see what conversation is being made about the shop and what type of pictures they're putting up of their haircuts before you even go in we're gonna go into google actually we're gonna type in "barbershop near me".

We're gonna pick a shop and we're gonna see what conversation is being had so you can see you know "Headlines Barbershop Brandon" you know best shop in the area you see we have a lot of google reviews 4.9 stars which is really hard to get and you know you can check out some pictures you can check out some reviews the reviews are nice because you can see you know some of the people's experiences you can see we have a couple kid cuts. you see you know they're responding to the reviews that's that that's a great sign I'm gonna click on review actually you can see right here best barber shop in town haircut by Jordian you know you can just see a conversation about the shop.

Another like a really really really good tip is to not just check the testimonials but check the portfolio see the quality of the haircuts that they're producing and that they're posting whether it's on Instagram whether it's on google whether they have a website or something. Check out the quality of the cut see if they know how to cut your texture of hair right these are very important factors when finding the perfect barber for you.

On my portfolio you you can see you know different textures of hair you know we have: some beards, haircut styling, coarse hair, fine hair, curly hair, straight hair, some scissor work, some line ups.

You can just kind of go and just see if what they're producing is for you, you know you have a picture of a lineup you know if that's something that you get a bunch of these things that really pertain to you.

Another super super super important thing when finding the perfect barber for you is making sure that your schedules align right that he's gonna he or she's gonna follow the schedule and whatever schedule that is that it aligns with your schedule some people like to get haircuts really early in the morning some people go mid-day some people like them you know at night after they get off of work right so making sure that your schedule is going to align with their schedule on a consistent basis

because we want a consistent haircut experience every single time

Now the last bonus tip that I know to be essential is you need PATIENCE! Patience and determination alright you may find a great barber and you'll need to make an appointment you won't be able to get cut that exact same day whenever you find him you may have to make an appointment. if he or she is well established in that area he may be above market price but he's going to be worth everything dollar. He may not be able to sit you right when you can come into the shop so apply a little bit of patience when searching for the perfect barber.

Thank you for tuning into this blog/ vlog , these are produced to help you get the most of out of your barber shop experience! Thank you so much my name is Jordian Perez I work at Headlines Barbershop Brandon in Tampa Bay Florida specifically the Brandon area if you are needing a barber you know feel free to book an appointment or get in contact with me! I'm going to put my booking link down below if you are interested!

Feel free to check out the Youtube video that inspired this blog!

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