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How to do the Cleanest Hairline on Dreadlocs EVER! | Haircut Tutorial | Jordian Tampa Bay Barber

Hello, This is going to be a transcript of one of my popular youtube videos on giving a line up on a client that has Dreadlocs. My name is Jordian Perez. I am Jordian Tampa Bay Barber, working ourt of Headlines Barber Shop Brandon, in Brandon Florida. I specialize in giving high quality haircuts to the modern man. Traditional hairstyles to even more modern new haircuts. If you are looking for a barber in the Brandon Florida are. Please reach out so that we can book you an appointment!

so this is zoro mazzuro i've been cutting her hair for a very very long time and she always come you know she's gonna throw me off a little bit but she's very consistent the thing with zorro is is that as you can see she got a very dif non-existent hairline like i literally have to create here hurt her hairline every single time but once she gets a cut it is it's amazing and she came in today with a fire re-twist so i was already happy i saw i was already complimenting it off the back i have to create her hairline though so that's where you know i really gotta get in my back on this cut now she gets it besides that i will say the rest of the cut is pretty um consistent and pretty simple she likes it very very tight and light on the sides she could do a tape roll in the back very tight and light on the sides we do a very nice lineup you know and we just the lineup is really where we have to shine on this one because she does not have it you know originally like she has it but you know it grows in like everywhere she has a khaled right in the center of their lineup so that's where it makes it a little bit tough but right here you got you see me with my number one guard we're going really really close up to the to her locks right really really close to our locks we're gonna clear this back panel now sometimes this area could be a little bit um how you say uh hard it could be hard because sometimes when they do the locks or they do the styles they put it so you don't really have any space to really get up in there like you can see like this big bun is not moving one it is not moving but it's kind of hard to really kind of get the hair right in there because i don't want to just start like chopping at the hair but you know you just got to be patient you got to be patient with your clients and you got to take the time you know we're trying to give a premium service a high quality cut you know we don't want to rush them out of our chair we want to give everybody their respective time and we really try to shine just on the line up right here and you can see we're just going to clear all all of this mess out all those panels out

now right here for for my girl zorro i'm just gonna go in and we're gonna start to taper out the back right we'll line up the sides and we'll keep on pointing but in the back she wants it faded out she wants to taper it out sometimes i go a little bit higher sometimes i'll keep it really low but um actually these are a new trimmer that i've bought and i really really like them the blades amazing they come with the dlc blade the grip is really nice i wish they had the grip on the power button though sometimes the power button will be sliding a little bit you know i got to kind of loosen that up a little bit but now we're just gonna go and we're just gonna taper this out and i'll say one of the biggest like uh things of importance for me whenever i'm doing somebody like with locks is you got to get really close to the locks but you don't want to dig into the locks and make sure for the love of god make sure that people are getting their re-twist or locked before they come and see you you don't want like a big throwy stuff before you know you do it because you don't want to cut hair that could be retwisted into the locks obviously like if they're just kind of getting a clean up bin that's where you want to just you know be more careful but you know as a kind of rule to your clients like for example today she got the retwist and she's gonna get the cut but the retwist came first that is so essential that it's so important and right here we're just kind of lowering the line up and right here i kind of have to like fade the line up and play my position you know very carefully because i want to get very close to the locks but i don't want to dig into the lock so that makes sense also there are locks they are called a lot i know a lot of people will say dreadlocks but if you actually look up like the history of it um the reason why they called it dreadlocks is because it was looked as a dreadful hairstyle right so i probably just say locked i educate my clients and that's always a cool little tip but you can see the hairline that she got has no borders it has no established playing field like it grows in everywhere there's a cowlick in the middle right so you need reference points you need reference points to kind of start yourself out on this lineup so right here i like to start on the back we're doing like the back nape line up we're going to go over the ear and you can see like that little trick i did to um to to get all the ear already out my way it's kind of folding the mask over so it kind of just keeps everything more exposed right and right here we're not gonna um with our pointy sirens we're not gonna go straight down i do these a little bit more feminine on women um and i kind of do them straight out and then i give them a little bit of curve and you can see right here i have my first reference point at the top of the c cup and then my second at the bottom and then right here once i hit it one time from there i'm just kind of cleaning it up i'm gonna go over that line multiple times and just clean it up you're gonna see boom how sharp it gets so quickly and there you know there was no excessive you know push back or nothing like that we're just playing our position just as we need to be like look at that that is so clean

boom that's actually that is a trick i learned from dave where you kind of take the front of your trimmer and you measure kind of one c cup versus the other and you know the blade is flat so it's going to tell you where that second reference point of the c cup has to be that is a very awesome trick for like one checking like checking if they're even or just like setting it right like if you set it right if you do it right the first time you don't really have to your detailing is not gonna really take that long but you can see like i'm following a system and like i'm not gonna lie i'm trying to give a premium service i'm trying to give a high quality haircut and in in a nice amount of time and i want it to be comfortable i want it to be smooth right so like i use systems with my hair credits a lot of times like lining up i use systems fading i use systems cutting on top of sister are you system systems systems systems you need systems um so that you can be efficient also cons like consistent you know like you don't want to give your clients a great haircut one time they need to be back to back to back amazing but you can see after i do uh my curves like my c cups you know and my pointing sideburns on both sides now i'm going to do my vertical bars on both sides and i really leave the line up for very very last so right here i'm going to do my vertical bars and the reference point that i use for those are the eyebrows i see the angle of them right whether they're coming like at a 90 degree angle or maybe you have to give them a little bit of a slant and i kind of measure that against the eyebrows and then from there i can start in the front of my lineup and then just work from one side to the other playing it you know very consistent and just you know making sure that it's very symmetrical on both sides right i do have clients that literally have like lopsided heads so you know having a system really helps out a lot like it's legitimately i'll have to show you one of my clients i'll have to record a video where his head like it's literally a little bit lopsided but you can kind of play with the lineup to make it look as even as possible but he knows though we're both on the same page that's important you got to be on the same page with your clients like and that's where that like communication come comes in you've got to be on the same page they got to know what's going on but right here i convinced her she doesn't do this a lot but i was able to convince her because she had the fit the fire fire retwist we're gonna do a little bit of the no drip a little bit of the enhancements right the one thing i forgot to do is i forgot to kind of clean the skin with alcohol first um but it's still gonna last a good amount of days regardless but you can see i'm going very light i'm letting the overspray um really hit it i'm mainly kind of spraying on the card i'm not trying to spray actually too much on the skin because i don't want it to be too dark because she doesn't like it really dark right she wants it you know kind of more set kind of more natural you can see like that's what we're doing but i did this after i did my lineup it's very important because after this comes out i still want her lineup to be symmetrical i still want it to be crispy it just won't be able to be as dark as full but you can see i'm going a little bit out of time i'm just doing this you know in little sections as i'm working and i'll do a little bit of spray and then i'll come out

and this just adds that extra flare to the surface like i don't charge extra for this i just do it for my clients just to take care of my clients because really what i want um at the end of the day i want to just be able to like for somebody to sit down and i can give them an amazing haircut a high quality haircut a premium service and just and that's it like i'm not trying to nickel and gun on my client for every single thing that i want to do for them at the end my job is to get them as fresh as possible as crispy as possible and sometimes you know you got to use a couple of different things you know to get them there like for example right now i'm using my straight razor i use this on a lot of my clients to make the line a lot crispier a lot a lot sharper it adds a different a different level of like definition to the lineup

and right here i'm just kind of going with the curve like you know piece by piece just going with the curve i'll go with the green first and then against the grain so that you know it's comfortable yeah sharp yeah very sharp very close and sometimes i'll use um shaving gel depends on the client you know if i need to use shaving gel or not bugazoro you know she has a good like moisture level to her skin but i don't really need to and it doesn't irritate her or all you know that's very important too when you're trying to give like a premium service to your clients um and like an awesome haircut is it needs to be comfortable like we want to be sharp but we don't need to be that sharp nobody wants to be that sharp to where it's like it's hurting and it's uncomfortable

and you can see man this is coming together from what she was to who she is now like this is just it's just so crazy the difference and this is honestly what i love about barbering is like the fact that you can change somebody's look in the matter of like 45 minutes let's see what she feels like can you see that yeah we'll come back this way

i didn't do you know too much to black to nothing okay yeah look good yeah yeah like you could tell man it came together like shout out to you zorro i appreciate you always coming through very consistent you know since i've been in the garage i've been cutting her hair and she's always been very consistent she's very awesome so uh you know this is awesome this is amazing it looks fire the amount of enhancements that we did was fire um the how how close we went to the retwistify the line is looking super sharp like shout out to her shout out to zorro um you know people got problems with this is how we solve them you know by just following our systems by doing what we have to do about caring about our clients you know trying to give them you know that extra little that extra little player when we can like this is super crispy like i'm so happy about this and like whenever i can give like a dramatic change like this to my clients like it does a lot for me and you know we had to pull the background out for you know get some get some shots you know on instagram but man this looks awesome thank you all so much for tuning into the video jordy and tampa bay barber i work out of headlines barbershop and brandon um and i'll see you all

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