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DO these 5 THINGS to get the WORST HAIRCUT EVER! Guaranteed

So this this is you and for some reason unknown you want to get the worst haircut of your life but that's okay I'm not gonna judge. But we have these five things that you can do to make sure you get the worst haircut of your life guaranteed.

Alright so let's get into it the first thing that you're going to do make sure to get the worst haircut of your life guarantee is come in with your head full of gel full of product. Do not wash your hair before coming to get a cut just go straight into it straight into it full of product full of gel make your barber suffer because he has to run his clippers through that mess.

The second thing that you're going to do make sure you can get the worst haircut of your life is make sure to talk with your head don't keep your head still look forget any ligaments forget any bones that you had in your neck they don't matter move your head everywhere while you are talking to your barber and conversing in the shop that's the second thing okay.

When conversing with your barber you moving your head can make your barber mess your haircut up or even just take a lot longer when cutting your hair. If you want a high quality haircut, you have to let your barber work, help him by keeping your head still!

Now the third thing to help you get the worst haircut of your life is to make sure that you don't know what you want when you get a haircut have no clue have no idea it doesn't matter you'll just figure it out have no pictures don't bring any pictures just go in their commando style.

Using vague words or having a vague idea of what you want does not help your barber at all. If you want to help your barber give you a high quality haircut, help him or her out by having an idea or a picture of what you would like to get, you cant always copy paste a haircut but you can use it as an inspiration.

The fourth thing that you're gonna do to make sure you can get the worst haircut possible is to be difficult just be just straight up just be difficult which barber be borderline distressed don't be easy to deal with client you know be extremely difficult for your barber to cut your hair.

Now the fifth and final way and this is one of the most known ways to get the worst haircut of your life is to chair hop chair hop like a bunny on easter all right make sure that you jump into every any chair that you see if there's a guy on the side of the street with a pair of clippers and a chair jump at

him he may be Vic Blends he may not be you'll just have to find out when you get there. No but really you have to give your barber time to learn your hair.

All right but make sure the chair hop but and this is the only caveat you can't chair hop and get a bad haircut a Headlines Barbershop Brandon because no matter what chair you jump into it's going to be a fire cut all right so if you want to get the worst haircut like it can't be here you got to go somewhere else because over here we're only producing straight fire. so that was the blog guys and how to get the worst haircut ever make sure to do those five things to get the worst haircut and if you're curious on how to get the best haircut in your life I'm going to tell you the five things that just so happen to be the complete opposite of this whole blog.

Seriously we at Headlines Barber Shop Brandon, put a professional twist on the modern barber shop. This was a barber guide to getting the worst haircut.

Alright if you want to get the BEST haircut of your life:

  • Make sure to come in with your hair clean

  • Make sure to know what you want

  • Make sure to be just easy to deal with easy to converse with your barber

  • Make sure to be loyal and consistent to that one barber so that they can really get to know your hair right

  • Make sure you have the bones and the ligaments in your neck do not talk with your head all right just keep your head straight.

Alright thank you guys so much for tuning in to the video my name is Jordian Perez from Headlines Barbershop Brandon in Tampa Bay on causeway boulevard come check us out and I

will see you guys on the next video alright like comment share subscribe all of that stuff all right help me out get some more views I thought this was an amazing blog.

I would love to be your barber and get you a high quality haircut and would love for you to be apart of the family.

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