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Professional Barber

Everyone who books an appointment with Jordian Perez, one of our professional barbers, finds that with great dedication to the craft, comes unmatched obsession over his craft. Skill combined with a unique passion for bringing the best out of his clients, are why clients come back to them time and again. Book an appointment and discover what he can do for you.



An Innovative Barber

Jordian Perez picked up his first pair of clippers after he has received the worst haircut of his LIFE...... From his own dad!

Barbering started off as a mean for Jordian to cut his own hair in his bathroom. The more he cut his own hair the more he found himself obsessed with cutting hair and the more he participated in barbering. The more he loved it and has an obsessive attitude towards providing a better haircut and a better experience for his clients! He has down countless hours of continued education to better his skillset and service. Jordian now works in Headlines Barber Shop Brandon, nestled in Tampa Bay, Fl.Obsessed about producing high quality haircuts and amazing service to his clients day in and day out.

Jordian sees barbering as a passion where he can execute in allignment with his lifes purpose,to leave people better than how he found them. 

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